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update-7 Dec 2008

 BSA technical information

  356-357-H C6869  cam profiles   These A-10 cam profiles are shown as cam lift,  not valve lift.  It includes a Harmon Collins 6869

  35678.jpg This chart includes the profile of the rare 67-358 cam loaned by Brett Mathews.

  67-358 polydine profile

  BSA cam 67-334 very early A-7 and A-10

   DRAG BSA Vintage A-10 drag race prep sheet from Norfolk Motorcycle

  Lucas Rita ignition curve-BSA A-65

  Boyer Ignition curve-BSA/Tri twin
  according to Boyer..... the Norton and Tri/BSA are the same except for the cable ends.
  So the curve is the same for all.  NOT GOOD in my book!

  Boyer ignition curve-BSA Rocket3/trident

    My A-10 roller bearing conversion
  Notes and sketches of my roller bearing conversion done January of 1990
 Here are the additional pix involved:added pix

A-10 Single Port Heads &
Dual Port Heads/Manifolds lots of pix (long load time)
dual port head
click on picture


  BSA Owners Club of New England our own regional club

  BSA A10 Super Rockets by Daniel Boss

  A-10 tech workings by BeezaBill

  BritBike.com website

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1960/61 Golden Flash   Golden Flash
Bitza from 2 bikes $45 + $100 got me started on this BSA adventure. It just  needs a "longer" GF rear fender instead of the shorter valanced chrome SR type.

1963 Super Rocket Super Rocket
Just one of those things I couldn't say no to. I has been worth the $300. Both chronometrics work, and a few other bits have added to the fun of BSA research. The front fenders original construction quality (Not it's present condition) lead me to believe it is genuine BSA  yet I've not seen another like it? Motor locked solid. BIGGEST SURPRISE  to me, 4 forged front engine lugs. Everything else is like regular GA7 frame. Needs a lot more than a tune up!

1963 Rocket Gold Star
A long time in the making. Way too long!
RGS frame
RGS 4 motor lugs
RGS Brake/Brake light mount/Rearset mount
These two rear sprocket/brake drums are 42Tsmooth  PN 67-6149 (1954-55 all A group swing arm, and 1965 A-65)  and 46T finned PN 42-6018 (later GS street&scrambler, RGS and RGS Spitfire Scrambler)
RGS brake drum rear - inside & sprocket size
RGS brake drums rear - fins/no fins