E-Start Commando Cable upgrade
For easier starting, a cable upgrade is proven to be of very significant benefit. The originals are 10 gauge .025ohms.
The upgraded  cables are 6 gauge fine strand and more flexible than original cables. The resistances is almost 1/3 of originals at .010ohms.
The original electric battery is shown in the shop manual with the terminals facing the rear of the bike.  I have found difficulty fitting the heavy ground cable in this configuration. I will offer a longer 06-5911 ground (red) cable if so desired. Please mention it when you order. It is about 25.5" long instead of the stock 22.5". If you mount the terminals forward then order the short cable.
If you decide to make your own cables, don't be foolish and forget you need all three cables. You must put a fat ground cable to get the full benefit.