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Norton Commando Clutch Packs
By David J. Comeau  24 Aug 2000- Rev. 29 Dec 2004

There are basically two variations of clutch pack in the Commando.
First is the early style THICK friction plates and are used with  the THICK pressure plate.
Next is the late style, which used the THIN friction plates and the THIN pressure plate.

Plain Clutch Plate
Both clutch variations use these steel clutch plates 06-0746=.080” thick
Early Qty =3
Late Qty=4
Barnett  #524-S

Friction Plate

Early-thick .145” friction plates Qty =4
Thru 70- bonded segment 06-0749
71-72- solid fiber 06-1339
Barnett- bonded segment-thick # 524-68

Late-thin .125” friction plates Qty=5
73-75 Bronze  06-3741
Barnett-bonded segment-thin # 524-73.

Pressure Plate

Early THICK pressure plate 06-0745 =.347” thick

Late THIN pressure plate 06-3768 =.227” thick

To derive the full clutch height you add all the seperate components including the FULL height of the pressure plate.
This is the FULL dimension filled by STACK HEIGHT of the components, between the backing plate in the clutch basket out to the diaphragm. From an engineering stand point this is the correct number.
Early clutch, original  stack height=1.167”
Late clutch, original stack heigth=1.172"