Commando and Atlas

The tail and  tank base section with more layers and then popped out of the mold, then trim the edges.
The tail in the mold with a few layers of mat and yellow tinted isophathalactic (sp) resin.

A fasback tank BASE in yellow gelcoat. the 3/8 BSPP steel insert for the petcock adaptor is held in place with a nylon cone retainer. The first layer of mat has been applied.

The fastback tail section and base mold with yellow gelcoat only.

These are the three tail section molds for
68 with badge inset (right),
69-72, and 73-75 narrow loop (center),
73-75 with wide rear frame loop (left).
These are 2 piece parts with the base added and a steel insert must be bonded in the base to hold the mounting studs. There is a fair amount of work to build one of these.
Fastback Tail Section molds-upper

This is a fairing I got with a 74 commando some years ago. I now use it with my Interstate bodywork. Does anyone know the orignal source of this fairing? I really like its fit and function and am considering making replicas for my own use. I have never seen another one like this. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

This is a copy of a Dunstall 1/4 fairing
In atlantic green color.
Pix of Dunstall 1/4 fairing with lowers
 dunstall fairing with lowers from rear
 dunstall fairing with lowers from right
 dunstall fairing with lowers from left

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