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Shop Mid 1980s vintage ServEquip 100 hp motorcycle hydraulic brake chassis dynamometer. Upgrading to consist of integrating my National Instruments VXI-1000 mainframe for automated data acquisition using a National Instruments AT-MIO-16XE-50 I/O board, with  LabView for Windows operating platform. Measurements include torque, rpm, rear wheel MPH, exhaust temp, head temp, ambient temp and atmospheric pressure.
dyno" 1954 Sun distributor machine with adapter for british motorcycle ignitions. Shown is a boyer pickup in the adapter in preparation for a digital boyer spin test to verify the advance curve.
wheel fixture The wheel truing fixture. The wheel is from a 1968 Dunstall Atlas, containing a fairly rare Rickman disc brake hub and Boranni rim with newly installed stainless spokes. A few dial indicators make this easier work.
head fixture The fixture used to hold a Norton heavy twin head in preparation for the boring process. Then the exhaust port insert is dropped in place and then welded. When done correctly, it is much better than new. It has tighter class of thread plus a few extra threads to boot.
milling machine Of course the exhaust fixture has to get bolted to one of these. It is a 1968 Bridgeport step pulley model. It runs on a rotary 3 phase converter I designed and built. Heiden Hein Digital Read Out on X&Y axis and a  Mititoyo readout on the quill.
Air compressor for painting, impact tools, grinders etc.

Surface grinder:  Boyar-Schultz 612 Deluxe

3 drill presses: 1 floor, 2 bench top (one for a tappping head)

drills 1-80 number, Letter sizes, fractional 1/16" -1",

2 punch presses, 3 ton for electrical staking, 7 ton Diacro model 18 for 1/16" to 1-1/2" round hole in 16g steel

A small furnace to heat treat small steel parts
A few larger ovens to heat engine cases and heads, and one to thermal testing of electronics assemblies-ignitions

Minature work dremel tool and mini lathe

Every mechanic/machinist needs taps and dies, such as:

Fraction an numbered
Left hand assortment comes in handy

British Association
BSP Straight
BSP Taper


Oxy-acetylene torch -mig welder- regular AC stick welder

Blast Cabinet-glass bead, sand or walnut shell media

Two cleaning/wash tanks to degrease and clean parts

volt ohm meters

current meters to 500 amps

Pulse generators wave shape generator

O-Scopes analog and digital storage

Gauss meter (measure magnetism)

Magnet gausser and armatures for magnetos 1600V-1000Amps pulse

A variety of power supplies from small utility to 10KV and 20KV