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NORTON parts
Inquiries from Norton Stocking Dealer and repair shops accepted

06-4791B -Starter, 75 MKIII Commando
New manufacture replacement for the original  Prestolite/Norton starter
This design was produced for testing in April of 2004.
It was publicly demonstrated at the British Motorcycle Meet, Auburn Mass USA  in June 2004 and released for sale at the Ohio INOA rally in July 2004.
2.16Kg /4.75Lbs net
to date over 1275 sold, $375 plus S&H
06-4791C Chrome starters available at added cost-inquire
Be sure to click on the pix and check the technical details and caveats

Super Duty Cable set

click on pix  for more info
6 gauge cables provide superior electrical conduction and flexibility for the challenged MKIII commando E-Start system.
3 cable set, 330gm/11.5oz  net
$39.50 plus S&H

COMMANDO clutch rod seal

click on pix  for more info
Well tested design, in use since 1989.
very popular. 6000+ sold
Buy from dealer or purchase 5 or more shop/club OK

ATLAS clutch rod seal

click on pix  for more info
Produced at the request of several pre commando owners,
this seal performs the same job on the AMC clutch as for the commando.

NLA sorry-sold out

FEATHERBED Oil Filter Bracket

click on pix  for more info
Allows mounting of the standard commando oil filter housing available from any norton parts supplier.
Bracket only -as welded, mill finish 304 stainless includes 2 SS bolts/nuts
$30.00 plus S&H OUT OF STOCK- batch in progress-inquire

BSA parts
A-10 dual carb billet manifolds

click on pix  for more info
It is so hard to find original BSA manifolds at flea markets or anywhere, so I had to design some of my own
For use with 30 mm concentrics or equal size chopped monoblocs
SORRY NLA S&H out of stock

These parts are available direct or see below for stocking dealers
Please email me for availability.
For shipping charges, Please advise if USA,  Canada or  EXPORT (rest of world).
Most items are in stock at all times and available for shipment.
USA,  I  generally prefer a personal check  or postal MO.
Atlantic Green Technical Services
957 Bay Road (Rt1a)
South Hamilton, Massachusetts (MA)
USA,     01982-1114

SORRY PayPal is no longer acceptable

Wire transfer possible,  please inquire first prefered

The listed parts are available from these suppliers:

  Baxter Cycle


  British Cycle Supply Company Ltd

Starter, super duty cables,
Clutch rod seals-commando & atlas,
atlas oil filter bracket,BSA A-10 dual carb manifolds

  Holland Norton Works
starters, CCRS

  MAP Cycle

Starter, super duty cables
Clutch rod seals-commando & atlas,

  Norvil Motorcycle Company

Starter, Clutch rod seals-commando & atlas

  Walridge Motors, Canada

starters, CCRS